ttc mocksville
ttc mocksville

TTC - Horse Boarding

The epitome of care Tailored to the Needs of Your Horse

Stall Board

plus Grain plus 7 hours Daily turnout - $1000/month
  • 12'x12' or 12'x14' stalls with rubber mats and sawdust bedding.
  • Quality grain fed 2 - 3 times daily depending on horse's needs.
  • Quality hay, grown by TTC, fed 4 times daily.
  • 9pm Night Check for hay & water.
  • Daily turnout with small groups of horses based on sex, disposition, age, etc.
  • Daily blanketing based on predicted weather conditions.
  • Access to all of TTC facilities.
  • 20% discount off all purchases in TTC Tack Shop. (excluding sale items and custom orders)
  • Trailer parking

Pasture Board

plus Grain - $500/month


  • Quality grain fed 2 times daily.
  • All pastures have run-in sheds with free choice mineral blocks and free choice hay as needed.
  • All pastures are fenced with SAFE rubber fencing.
  • Horses checked daily.
  • Clean water available at all times.
  • Turnout groups based on sex, disposition, age, etc.
  • Access to all of TTC facilities.
  • 20% discount off all purchases in TTC Tack Shop. (excluding sale items and custom orders)
  • Trailer parking


Extra and Incidental Grooming



  •   Complete Grooming - $10.00
  •   Sheets & Blankets Professionally Cleaned - $40.00 per piece
  •   Sheets Washed - $10.00 per garment
  •   Manes pulled - $25.00
  •   Trim ears and whiskers - $10.00
  •   Hunter Clip - $150.00
  •   Entire Horse Clip - $200.00
  •   Summer fans - $10.00 per month, new fan required each year.

Bandaging or Medication

Any Bandaging or medication deemed necessary - cost plus 20%, minimum charge $5.00 per day

No Charges

Putting blankets on your horse, lost and found, late PM barn check, customer receives 20% discount on each purchase in Saddlery Shop. Veterinarian on 24 hour call. Complete security system. Closed circuit TV for Broodmares.


The basic rate of board will be billed at the beginning of each month. Any incidentals incurred during the month will be presented on the next month’s statement. Statements are payable within 10 days and accounts over 30 days are subject to a fee of $5.00 or 1½% per month - which ever is greater.

Private contract services

Private contract services including chiropractor and masseuse $10 per visit per horse. Farriers and veterinarians are excluded. All private contract services must contact the TTC farm office 24 hours prior to services rendered and must check in upon arrival.


TTC is conveniently located in Mocksville, in the Piedmont Triad area of North Carolina. It is a few minutes off I-40 between Winston-Salem and Statesville. TTC serves the surrounding areas of Winston-Salem, Clemmons, Lewisville, Greensboro, Statesville, and Charlotte, all within a short drive.

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